Jamaica Relief Ministries
The hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Jamaica





"A primary caregiver to the children in care at JRM"

Augusta, WV USA

My Story

Hi, my name is Rose. I’m from West Virginia and I am the youngest in a family of 5.
When I was younger, I had always wanted to be a doctor or a teacher.
My mom is my biggest inspiration and motivator. Her strength and courage and the way she chooses happiness everyday
and fights for a better life for everyone around her is amazing.
I love lame jokes and sarcastic comments. My favorite sport to play is volleyball and I love watching softball.

I love to paint, draw, and occasionally love to cook.
Caring for children has always had a place in my heart and I feel that I can do that here at Jamaica Relief Ministries.
I am outgoing and love to make new friends wherever I go.



I’ve been a teacher and a nanny to 2 little kids and I loved it.
I have been to Haiti and to the Honduras on short-term missions trips.
I love to listen to good worship music and having good conversations about life and the battles we face.
Learning to choose joy no matter the circumstances has always been a goal of mine.