Jamaica Relief Ministries
The hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Jamaica





"A primary caregiver to the children in care at JRM"

Martinsburg, OH USA



Served with JRM:
Feb 2017 - Aug 2018

My Story

I have been serving at Jamaica Relief Ministries since Valentine's Day 2017. I'm the youngest of five children, I was homeschooled in Martinsburg, OH.
Since finishing school, I have spent the last few years working at a bakery, babysitting, and the farm market. My favorite thing to do is be with my family and friends.
Two nieces and three nephews make family get togethers a lot of fun!
I've always said that "Jesus, Coffee, and Mt. Dew will get her through any day"



I'm serving in Jamaica because I have always loved children and knew I wanted to go into missions sometime.
I had heard about JRM and started praying about it and God started opening doors.
Almost 2 years later, I am moved to Jamaica and my dream of serving the Jamaican children has come true.