Jamaica Relief Ministries
The hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Jamaica





"A primary caregiver to the children in care at JRM"

LaGrange, IN USA

My Story

I was born and raised in Lagrange, Indiana. I come from a large family of seven children.
My mom passed away when I was 14 and my dad is getting remarried. After the wedding, I will have a total of 14 siblings. I am the second to youngest.
Growing up, I went to Hebron Christian School through 8th grade and then got my GED.
I love puzzles, going to the beach, coffee shops, and eating.
I'm also a baby whisperer and the Master of Housework. I don't like animals because I think that they are gross and I once had eleven cavities in one year.



Prior to moving to Montego Bay in February of 2018, I had always wanted to work with kids.
Jamaica is an English speaking country. I already know a lot about it because of friends and people in my community.
The amount of kids versus Aunties is proportioned a lot better than most orphanages and foster homes.