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Blossom Gardens Childcare Facility


Blossom Gardens Childcare Facility

Blossom Gardens Childcare Facility located in Montego Bay is a government-operated facility for children ages 0-8 years.

In the early days when JRM first became involved with Blossom Gardens, we soon realized they were severely understaffed. JRM has been able to assist by providing volunteers a few days every single week.

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The Blossom Gardens Child Care Facility has been in existence since 1975.
It is operated by the CPFSA (Child Protection and Family Services Agency),
which caters to children ages 0-8 who have been separated from their families for various reasons

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The JRM volunteers assist the Blossom Gardens staff with
bathing, dressing, feeding, and caring for the children a few days per week.
Most importantly, they spend time holding the children, giving them attention, and loving them

The conditions at Blossom Gardens have dramatically improved since those early days,
thanks in part to JRM's influence


JRM's various programs allow us to have meaningful involvement with 100+ children on a weekly basis