Jamaica Relief Ministries
The hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Jamaica



Jamaica Relief Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization involved in various child and family related ministries in Jamaica.
Our various programs allow us have a meaningful impact on approximately 100 children every week. 

Jamaica Relief Ministries operates a children's home in Montego Bay,
licensed by the Child Protection & Family Services Agency of Jamaica for children ages 0-8.




The dream of Jamaica Relief Ministries began in 1989 when Hurricane Gilbert caused extensive damage in Jamaica. Short term work/ministry teams were organized and brought to the island to repair homes, schools, and churches. Because of the tremendous needs, teams continued to come over the next 10 years. It was finally decided that a full time staff presence was needed to better serve the people of Jamaica. In November of 2001, Floyd and Ellen Yoder came and pioneered the work of JRM.


To reach the Jamaican people, especially the children and youth who are orphaned, abandoned, neglected, and abused, through providing a Group Home where we can love and teach them Biblical principles. To give our youth the opportunity to serve in another country and culture. This experience can aid in developing Christian character and the vision for ministry so desperately needed in today's society.


JRM also provides staff volunteers to Blossom Gardens Childcare Facility in Montego Bay.
At JRM, we also oversee a basic school in Mt. Pelier, Sandy Bay called Blackburn Learning Centre.
We assist with physical relief projects, using short term work/ministry teams to accomplish community-based relief efforts.