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Gabriel's Hats

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Gabriel's Hats

The ‘Gabriel’s Hats’ program began as a way to fill a need at the local public hospital.
Through our contact with the nursery at Cornwall Regional Hospital,
we were made aware of the need for baby hats for the newborn infants

This was one doctor’s description of the need: 
For every delivery we go to, babies need hats, whether pre-term or full term. It is one item we use daily that we never have actually so we've been fashioning hats out of plastic bags. It's not just a clothing accessory, it's actually quite important in maintaining normal temperature for the babies especially the preterm ones.
Hypothermia can result in death.

In response to this need, JRM partnered with a local church program,
Sew Very Loved, at Baylife Baptist Church.
Sew Very Loved is a weekly Bible Study group, studying the Bible while learning how to sew.
This is a great way for those in the group to supplement their income.
JRM provides the funds and receives the hats to distribute at the hospital.
Included in each hat is a note offering prayer and contact information for the church. 

Cornwall Regional Hospital delivers around 250 babies every month, so the need is great.

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What will your donation do? 

- Give a child a better start
- Provide income to those in the sewing class
- Expose a family to the love of God

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Join us today in becoming a monthly sponsor!

$25 provides 12 hats