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Family Reintegration


Family Re-Integration

JRM is involved in family Re-Integration of families through building projects

Sometimes families are separated from their children due to poor living conditions.
JRM works with the CPFSA (Child Protection and Family Services Agency) in providing improvements for these families.
Sometimes an entirely new home is built for a family or family member,
other times a current home is in need of an extra room or an addition built onto it to suit their needs


Work teams have been an important part of JRM's ministry by helping build these structures that allow families to be re-united.
At JRM, we also have the opportunity to mentor these families and speak into their lives.
Our various programs allow us to have meaningful involvement with 100+ children on a weekly basis


Most of all, we have the opportunity to show these children what love looks like.
Our volunteers do an amazing job of working as a team to keep the best interest of the child in mind