Work Projects

Know someone who is able to lay tile?? We are currently looking for a small group to work on a project - installing a tile floor.

There are many needs here in Jamaica; housing continues to be a very pressing one. Houses often fall into disrepair, without available funds to fix them. We have recently partnered with the Child Development Agency to assist families needing housing improvements. Sometimes it involves adding a room to a house, and other times a whole new house is built. Through these projects, we are able to re-unite families that have been separated due to poor housing conditions.

We are interested in groups coming to Jamaica to help with these building projects. A little hard work in only a few days can make a big impact on a family. Consider getting a group together to come and serve in this way. Contact our Outreach Director for more details.


If you are at least 20 years old and interested in volunteering as an Auntie to these children for 18+ months, please fill out our Application.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Email: jrministries@gmail.com
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