Email JRM if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

Blackburn Learning Center

JRM provides sponsorship to children of Jamaica that need assistance with educational costs. The Blackburn Learning Center of Mt. Pelier, Hanover, is supported entirely through this effort. Needy children in other areas are also sponsored through this program. Sponsorship assists with book costs, taxi fare, uniform costs, and school lunches. The cost of sponsoring a child is $25.00 per month. At times this may not adequately meet the needs of a particular child; when this is the case, we simply seek to supply more than one sponsor to the child in need.

JRM Children's Home

You can also choose to sponsor a child that lives at our Childrens Home. The funds we receive from sponsors are applied to the medical and school expenses of the children in our care. Sponsors have the flexibility to choose the monthly amount they want to contribute.

Email JRM if you are interested in sponsoring a child.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

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